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Slingframes Store

Slingframes is one of several domains subject to legal action that is pending further actions regarding those complaints to various agencies,{ Naming namecheep and others as respondents in many of these cases}. This and several other domains have been stolen and embezzled by the original ISP and being held illegally by others along with the master sponsor for this ISP, eNON with other cohorts known by them. Where eNON has full knowledge of all matters involving these domains and elected to ignore them or thier condition. eNON has been shown a number of irregularities that concern this matter both written and verbally regarding any concerns affecting this complaint many times and done nothing to remedy this issue, showing criminal or inept behavior.
eNON then has also failed in protecting my property, as they are expected to do so, through written agreement made with myself and ICANN.
Further eNON has been shown were I am the lawful owner and coiner of these domains, without any doubt of that ownership regarding this and other domains, that was originally coined by me for a business exposure and for its store presence, created some 11 years or more in the past, and by that inference, by eNON and its cohorts, keeping me from my business address, has caused at a bare minimum certain damages to occur. They have engaged in, and or liabled me or my legitimate business, also tortious interference of my legally operated business. Any current entity in possession of this domain is considered in possession of stolen property and must cease and desist in that possession and further is in violation of certain law, and has no legal right to represent its self or others as being my business.